Hello Friends,

I am Samir Pathan & my pen-name( Takhallus ) is ASHK Nigahee which means Tear droplet.

I am  a POET by Heart, Security Architect & Research Scholar by Profession. I support ‘Universal Brotherhood’ & ‘Life is too short to be wasted in complaining philosophy’. Writing has always been my hobby so I thought to unleash the Zakheera-E-Jazbaat ( treasure of emotions ) for all of you. You will find many emotions related to all possible feelings we know here in my blog.

Along with this I offer Professional Storytelling & Poetry Writing services. Say there is a party and kids are involved, then you can have me for a storytelling session for kids, or it just can be your child to whom you want me to tell stories about anything you want starting from moral values till suspense thrillers which will trigger the right nodes of your child’s brain.

But know this is not a kids only game, if you are on a spooky outing and you guys want a ghost story, ring me and I will ensure that you are having goosebumps. Wanna impress your lady love but words are not one your best strengths, inform me in advance and you will have a poem made specially for her and she will be the one and only to whom it would be dedicated, love made easier, isn’t it? ❤

Challenge me with a word or phrase and I promise you about narrating you a story that would end on this word/phrase from any genre of your choice may it be romance, horror or suspense thriller. 🙂

So lets start our journey together and for any queries feel free to reach out to storyteller.ashk@gmail.com

Welcome to the world of Emotions. Welcome to the world of Poetry…

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hume To Chahat ki Thi Hum Bhi Kuch Likhe Is Duniya ke Liye,
    Par Jazbat Itne The, Mushkil Ho Gayi Jataane Me,
    Fir Bhi Bahut Koshish Ki, Kuch Tho Bayan Kar Sake,
    Par Dil Nahi Maana Adhuri Kahani Sunane Ke Liye… 🙂


  2. Hello,

    Just read your introduction and its impressive, I wonder how can you create stories all of the sudden ? This is a wonderful skill , I would love to read your stories and then will give you feedback.:)

    May Allah bless you and your loved ones, ameen


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