Trip to Dapoli – Witnessing the other side of Life.

Ask any IT professional about his company, work and salary, you will always have to hear a bad thing or two. Its blessing in disguise if you are working in corporate. And when you go on restriction free team outing you realize it gives you ample amount of opportunities to see different side of your coworkers, my experience was no different. The day we planned our outing for a beach, I was sure sea will change people and will make them show their different style of life.

They say, if you are in love everything looks beautiful. I would say if you are in love with nature then every gaze you put out from window enriches your heart with beautiful aspects of world to be stored forever. On our way to Dapoli, Anjarle & Murud I witnessed many such beautiful and magical moments.


While the world is producing chaos every moment, Hindu Muslim unity was the most noteworthy fact of our trip. People with different culture, religion were abundant and all had affection in their eyes for each other. The most beautiful thing I saw in that small village was a Mandir and a Masjid built right next to each other. People did offer their prayers in there own way and lived in harmony. The affection and respect was not customary it was something which came out from heart, no double standards. I wondered why people from larger towns keep hatred in their heart and kept grudges for other religions. Can’t they understand universal brotherhood the way these villagers have not only understood but are actually living daily.

In India we say “Atithi Devo Bhav” which means “Guests resemble the God and so they should be treated that way”. In the times of colonial societies when your neighbors don’t even care if you are alive or dead, these Poor People with Rich Hospitality and even Richer Hearts depicted what we had forgotten about guests. No matter if they have resources or not, no matter what situation they are going through they are always happy to help. May it be showing you directions, suggesting eateries, giving boat rides or selling you fishes the feeling of respect and affection drips from every word they say. I recall reading it somewhere that if you want to see real India visit villages. I dare to change the saying as “visit villages if you want to witness the true Indian hospitality.”


If someone is visiting a beach and is not talking about sea then chances are that person didn’t enjoy anything and was a loner better say looser. How beautiful it is to see the forms sea takes throughout the day. Often calm from outside still hiding terrible things beneath. Or sometimes showing his angry side as if to tell us that the calm the person is usually the more troublesome it can be when tested over the limits. The first thing that came to my mind after seeing sea was a, poem by one of the very famous poets in India.

Hajaar jivhaa tuzya garju de pratidhwanine tya
Samudra dalmalu de taare
Viraat vaadal helkaawu de parvat paanyaache
Dhalu de dishaakon saare..

(oh sea) let your thousands tongues roar with echoes. Oh sea let the stars crumble(in front of your challenges). Let the huge wave storms dilapidate mountains of water. Let all the navigation get diminished.


If you have an artistic mind sand on the sea shore becomes your canvas and you go on expressing yourselves. Same was with me, My favorite past time was spending time on sand, writing names of characters I’m creating for my stories, my website’s name. Oh boy I was revisiting my childhood.

Ashk Cross

They say nature is your biggest teacher, I say, “bravo!! You said it correct”. The sunrise, the sunset, the Silence of the sea, the trees, birds, sky, the moon everyone has something different something new to be learnt by us. They give us chance to perform introspection, think on how people and careers can reach zenith and disappear as if they never existed. The quality to be implemented to stand still even in the worst periods, the chance to take a break and cherish the beauty God has created all around us.

If you follow Bollywood movies then you must be aware of the cult hit Zindgi naa milegi dobara and might also know the famous quote “One who can not swim is skilled enough to be drown..” It is a sarcastic humor and at the same time it conveys an even greater message that if the time is not in your favor then try to enjoy the downfall.

I was taught that if you want to know what is your country’s future then you should pay a visit to schools and meet kidult minds. These young and ready to be molded hearts are nothing but half baked clay, the way you mold them that shape they will take. Although there are people who want to poison these sprouting minds with the poison of religious extremist shit the only thought I was having was may Almighty drive these kids on the way of success, happiness and may make them a catalyst in the emergence of India as a superpower.



No matter how much booze, smoke or huqqa you have, you cannot avoid mentioning Fish when you blog about a beach. I feel I’m not capable of praising this divine food. (Sorry PETA, whenever I see fish i see food 😉 ) No matter how much money you pay, you can’t thank enough to the family who fed you till your heart was contempt. And we all are thankful to the family who not only cooked the best fish I had in my entire life(Mom, I wish you don’t read this or ignore & move ahead 😉 ) but also served it with love and affection.









Ending with one sher which really depicts the true calm, silent, powerful & patient nature of sea.

Aaghaz to hota hai anjaam nahi hota,
jab meri kahani me wo naam nahi hota.
Din dube ya dube baarat liye kashtee
Saahil pe magar koi kohram nahi hota..

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