The Great Pretenders

There was a time when people used to socialize in real. They had social gatherings and outings, they sang and they ate together. But there were “Folks” who called it “being naive”.
These “Folks” were willing to achieve supremacy. And thus they invented Technology. These gadgets brought the world under fingertips. And “The Folks” were able to meet with other folks from places they had never heard about.

By the time Technology evolved and everyone including “The Folks” who were being referred as Scientists got so used to it that they contributed as much as possible in inventing and evolving Virtual Reality. The generations got so addicted to it that they forgot how the real world looked like, how did the birds chirp, how did the mountains echo, how did the rivers flow and how did the humans laughed at social gatherings..

But there were few…

The ones who had lived long enough to see both the social gatherings and the virtual reality. They took some young blood (kids and youth not the blood literally) with them and showed them how people lived before the technology evolved to what it was at present.
The young blood liked this old yet new way of looking at and living life and they continued to do so.

The Folks and all others who got addicted to Technology called these people living old way of life “The Great Pretenders”.

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