Zakheera-E-Jazbaat is a collection of beautiful-troublesome feelings mankind can face…

May it be the feeling of being happy, being sad, nervous, depressed, in love, excitement, loneliness,  togetherness and you name it I’ve tried to pen it for you or have collected it from the noble poets..

The love you pour on your parents, siblings & your beloved, the loneliness you get from your beloved or those magical moments you have spent with your beloved all are bundled in the form of poems & verses and i have tried to pull all the eggs in one basket !!

I’ve  put the Urdu-Hindi script in English so that those who are not familiar with Devanagari script can also read. I’ll try to put down all the poems and ashaar in all three ENGLISH-URDU-Devanagari fonts as soon as possible.

Thanks for visiting… Happy Reading…

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