Enchanted: Under the spell of Love.

       Every human being at some point of time believes in magic, enchantments and spells. And hell yeah the generation which grew up along with Harry Potter certainly wishes to see these things more desperately. He was no different. Although being a full grown up, working in corporate, earning handsome salary he craved for these enchantments.

       A workoholic bachelor living with friends going out on silent rides has everything which he needs to be contempt of, still he was searching something. Searching it so badly as if he was on a quest, a quest which may be the last of his life.

       It was a routine day, he was working as if his ass was being ripped off for a headlined project and he felt somebody passed from right in front of him. Out of sheer curiosity he glanced at the passerby. Just another new joiner girl. Not as interesting as the work he was doing. He glued his eyes to his monitor again. By the time he was done with his assignment his friends were echoing his name to join them for lunch. The same usual crappy food, whats all in it to be excited of he thought to himself.

       When for the first time he made an eye contact with her in cafeteria that moment gave him goosebumps. He felt as if he saw an Angel. Tall, fair and beautiful. The long curly hairs seemed like a mystery to him which he would try to figure out for eternity. Her black eyes were the black diamonds which God must have created to beautify this girl. He was enchanted by her innocent smile. Enchanted so badly that he himself never even would wish to be out of it. He was so mesmerized by her that he never even realized that his usual crappy lunch was over and he had to go back to the work.

       The work he loved so badly felt useless bugger to him. He was under spell. A spell casted by a magician in her unawareness. He heard his inner voice telling him that this is what you were searching for. This is your quest. May be last one of your life. Madness, attraction, craze, infatuation or love whatever it was, he was enchanted.

       In the beginning he hesitated talking to her thinking she might consider him yet another moron trying to woo her. He never wanted that. The only thing which kept him fascinated about her at the most was her honest innocent smile. She never faked it, she never could. After the first interaction he felt he was something. Someone in her own universe; may be a commoner, may be more than that, or may be nothing at all. But he assured himself about the second case. She started acknowledging his presence with the enchanting smile and he was on the top of the world or may be in the core bottom of ocean where no one would know what is going on.

       He is still befriending her taking it slow and steady. May be the destiny beholds the secret of their togetherness or may be the friendship will be end of her spell.

       Doesn’t matter if she knows or not he would love to be under her spell, forever.