Ishq ka hasil aur jama

Ishq ka hasil aur jama.


6 Hair bands. 4 alag alag tarah ki baalon wali Clips.

Woh… uss din jo sandal tuti thi tumhari, Uska Ek strap.

Aur haan Woh kitaab jiske panne mod kar diye they tumne.

Sambhal rakha hai maine sab, Jab aaogi toh le jaana.


Waise chote bade mila kar, kuch 23 kapde bhi pade hai tumahre.

Unme se, kuch me tum bala ki haseen lagi.

jaise woh red wala top aur Black wali dress.

Woh baby pink crop top aur woh green jump suit.

Sab yahin pada hai.


toh mai bas yeh keh raha tha ki kharid lena na waisa sa hi kuch kahi se..

kyunki, Sach kahu toh Lautane ka Dil nahi karta mera.


Nahi Nahi Mazak kar raha hoon, Sambhal rakha hai maine sab, Jab aaogi toh le jaana.

Waise kuch hisab bhi dena tha tumko, Jo tumhari meri Tasveer wala, Coffee mug diya tha tumne.

Uska handle tut gaya hai mujhse. Blue wali shirt bhi peechel 2 hafton, Mil nahi rahi hai kahin par aur..

Perfume khatam ho gaya hai.

Ghadi khoyi nahi hai par band ho gayi thi. Isliye utar rakhi hai, bas bata raha hoon tumhe.

Woh Green wali check shirt dhobi ne jala di.

Woodland wale joote Zeeshan le gaya.

tumhare diye Earphones aur Chashma, ek din Airport par jaldbaazi me chhut gaye.

bahut dhunda, nahi mile.


Par Woh sukha hua Gulaab ke phoolo ka guladasta.

tumhari lipstick ke nishaan wala paper cup.

Woh tissue paper jis par tumne number likh kar diya tha, tumhari car parking ki parchiya.

Woh Tute hue Clutcher ke Dono hisse. tumahre more pankh wale jhumke.

Aur mai….


yeh sab kuch jo bhool gayi thi tum, ya shayad jaankar chhoda tha tumne.

Apni jaan se bhi jayada, Sambhal rakha hai maine sab, Jab aaogi toh le jaana.

Zakir Khan


(continuation from Ashk)


Tum soch rahi hogi kya bas cheezon ka hisaab rakha hai?

Hisaab har jazbaat ka hai jo tumse juda hua hai..


Wo jo pahli baar tum yu itraai thi aur meri shayri pe yu muskurai thi

Wo jab tumne pahli baar thaama tha haath mera Wo jab pahli baar meri aaghosh me aayi thi..


Hisaab un jazbaat kaa bhi hai jab tum toot toot ke roi thi hamaari pahli ladaai ke baad..

Hisaab un jazbaat ka bhi hai jab badi berukhi se chhoda tha tumne mera saath..


Main yu to yaad dilaana nahi chaahta tha par ammi kahti hai 77 raate mere kamre se rone ki aawaze aati thi..

Abbu kuchh kahte nahi par ab wo bewajah yoon hi daantate bhi nahi..

Baap hai na wo har haal jaan ke bhi khaamoshi akhtiyaar karna farz hai unka..

Bahen bhi badi sanjeeda rahti hai meri chehre ki maayusi dekh kar par wo pagli aksar mujhe hasaane ki koshish kar jaati hai..


Ye to bas kuchh chuninda jazbaat hai jo socha tumhe bata doon

Hisaab nahi lunga tumse mere Ashkon ke qatro ka

Naa hi hisaab lunga tumse wo laayani farebi mohabbat ka


Tum dogi bhi kya hisaab ke apni mohabbat to bas meri akele ki kahani thi

Usme thi to tum naam ko shaamil magar tumhare har jazbaat me beimaani thi..


To jaao, aur jaake khush raho kahi par

jaha tumhe lage yehi hai tumhare zindagi ki manzeel


Par haan, Jab aaogi palatkar waapas to le jaana ye jazbaat bhi,

ke maine sambhal rakhkha hai tere liye..

Jab aaogi to le jaana..


Ashk Nigahee

Six Slice Cake

(Present Day)

I was running late to office and had stopped at Kohinoor for a quick bite of Bun Maska and the famous Irani Tea when I overhead an elderly yet zealous voice saying, “Bhayya six slice cake”.. I didn’t knew that someone could have an amazing appetite and could order 6 slice cakes.. To my own surprise just glancing at the person ordering 6 slice cake made me nostalgic..

(Somewhere in the memory lane)

I yelled,”Bhauji, 2 by 3 special” to which he echoed, “2 by 3 special de, Hyderabadi Biryani k table pe”.. Yup I was known by Hyderabadi Biryani, the only dish I liked (cause it was economical and yet tasty) at his always crowded Sahiba hotel..
It was my third year of MCA in SIOM and by now I had my fair share of happiness, sorrows and friends I could vouch on. We were discussing about the placements and how we’d be preparing for the companies and the life after college.
I was already placed in Pune based company Making it clear I’d still be in Pune after college whereas Sachin and Bhatu were indeed gonna get some top notch companies making it clear either one or both of them would be out of town for the sake of employment.
Our discussions were stuffed with Day 0 of Recruitment Drive, Campuses participating, Competition with Engineering grads and the girls. But no one had mustered enough courage to talk about the probable separation. Time passed quickly and we ended up in different cities with circumstances odd enough to make my best friends unavailable for our weddings..

(Present Day)

Although I was running late I decided to approach “The Man” to tell him I felt jealous and I envied what he had but I couldn’t. All I could do was try to avoid the laughter all around me.

(long back in the memory lane)

“Bhayya 3 me do plate Tahari dena.. Altamash aaj ka bill tu de bhai..” “Maine mana kiya kya bhai” came his poised response. As soon as he got up after finishing the food Tausif said agle baar tu de bill har baar usko bolna achcha nahi lagta to which I could only nod without uttering a single word.
It was 2nd year of our friendship and a bond for lifetime was being built. We had decided to pursue a career in the field of Information Technology and had even dreamt of us staying in the same apartment community so that we could look after each other’s back, that’s what friends do right?
Time flew as always with me and Tausif being flatmates and Altamash relocating to Pune. we all three got married eventually and are busy in our professional and married lives yet we stay in touch as frequently as possible cause there are friends whom you never let go, ever.

(Present Day)

“6 slice cake nahi bhai, 1 cake k 6 slices” (may be his next words faded in his mind, sabko diabetes hai ab).. He indeed was an elderly person and was accompanied by his 5 friends who seemed content, happy and vivacious having spent the moment together, maybe they’ve done that always and will keep on doing it forever.

I realized Heart is a miraculous thing when it’s greedy nothing can content it’s desires, when it is content even small things shared among friends make you joyous.

I approached The Man and told him I would like to take a photograph of them as a reminder of True Friendship that can last forever and can overcome all the boundaries. After answering the background verification questions I had the moment captured to be shared with my closest friends to tell them, “yes, we will reach the phase of 6 slice cake”..

Based on real characters and incidents. Happy Friendship Day..

Six Slice Cake


Nation’s Judgement Call.

It’s in every Facebook post
It’s on every twitter wall
Buckle up your lazy ass
Nation has made judgement call..

Country needs women and men
Glory will be ours then
It is fight for justice, humanity and pride
Truth is our only possible ride
Responsibility is mine and is of us all
Nation has made judgement call..

We fight against corruption, illiteracy and more
Let our voice become a lion roar
Religion can’t divide us nor the political boar
Voting is must and is prior than every chore
Don’t plan a movie in cinema hall
Nation has made judgement call..

We are independent since 47
but have not removed poverty even
Two meals a day is a dream for many
We still fight for every single penny
Why free hospitals so less but thousands of mall
Nation has made judgement call..

Bygone be the massacre, bygone be the conspiracies
Live in the present and think about human species
Don’t fall for Modi, Gandhi or Kejriwal
Think twice before you vote cause
It’s Nation’s judgement call..


It Hurts when you say Goodbye.

Why didn’t you thought about this earlier? I had already told you about our marriage concept on very first day, right?

What is wrong? Why can’t you just sit with me and tell me what is bothering you? Is it what I feel what it may be?

Why have you taken this decision at this moment? Why after we have walked together for such a long and when there is no looking back?

Have you at least thought it for once that what impact it may cause on my heart?

I Love You So Much, Please Come Back!!

What was the use of the secrets we shared, the promises we made, the time we spent, the dreams which we had together, the care we had for each other? At least I cared for you and will always do.

What should I do about that? Our first date? Our first kiss? Our fist fight? How can you forget all these? Can you ever forget when for the first time you cuddled me and promised to never leave me?

I was happy with my heart lost. What should I do with it when you will return it back to me ? Cause I always believed and still do that my heart belongs to you. Only you.

Just because our religions are different, our parents won’t allow us to marry? Does that mean we can stop loving each other?

I know that our parent have done a lot for us and we can never ever hurt them but I am definitely not afraid of this society. It really never meant anything to me. What mattered to me was my Family and now You too!!

Just for once close your eyes and say that you never loved me, not even once? You never felt anything for me? You never ever missed me? And now you don’t even want to talk to me just because your parents said not to?

Can you ever avoid me? Can you ever see in my eyes and say directly that whatever we had in between us was a lie?

Ask your own heart and if answer of any of the questions is against our love then I will never bother you again and will never come in your way. Yes I will leave you forever although not by choice but by force.

You know what, “It hurts when you say Goodbye.”

You have made me that person to whom his beloved after piercing a knife in heart asks, “does it hurt sweetheart?” and I have to say, “No Darling not at all.”

You have made me that person who has to say,

ना झिन्दगी मे खुशी है, ना मौत हमे बुलाती है.
झहर हो चुका है दिल, अब तो सांसे भी हमे सताती है…

Desire of Separation.

After a big fight with my mom when I left home to travel back to my college which is twelve hours journey from my hometown I had never ever dreamed that this train travel will turn out to be the most beautiful journey of my life..

I could not sleep during the half of the travel till four am and when I woke up at around half past five am “There she was sitting like an angel.” Calm, silent, careless, reading a book. Those spectacles could not hide the depth of most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Her flawless skin was glowing in that general compartment as if Moon has been called to illuminate the world on no moon night.

She was reading the book so passionately as if she has nothing to do with whatever was going around. Honestly she never even glimpsed towards me for the first 15 minutes after I woke up and I was so disturbed by it that I was cleaning the sleepy face by napkin  and combing my hairs so frequently that every other person sitting around would have known by then that I am restless.

When she stopped reading a pleasant smile spread over her face which added millions of praises for her beauty. She looked around the compartment and her eyes stopped on my face for hardly ten seconds.but when our eyes met I smiled at her and she was plain without any expression. She just stood up, placed her book in her purse, fumbled her “pahloo” (a cloth used by girls to cover their head) and sat, that’s all. And I was like what the hell? That’s it? Is this what I will get from her for staring for more than 15-20 minutes?

But I was lucky enough. She saw me again. This time with a pleasant smile on her face and I felt as if I was the luckiest person in the world at that moment. I started scribbling my poem “Anjaana Chehra” and she knew that I was writing something for her. By the time I was thinking about the words that would suit her the best, I found out that she stood up and was ready to board. I yelled at myself Holy Shit and was pleading her secretly,” please just don’t get off the train I will surely talk to you in any moment.”And suddenly her family came into picture. They took the luggage and left. While leaving she saw at me for the longest time she could and boarded Ahmed nagar station. I swear on God I don’t know why but I will hate this city forever.

But God was being merciful, the Ticket checker who stopped and asked for tickets seemed like an angel to me. They all stopped and she again saw at me. My heart was pounding with joy. I tore that piece of paper from my diary and waved at her so that she could know it is for her. She just smiled and nodded in negative. I could not help myself so I took off the train to see her for the last time and was gazing in her direction till the moment she was lost in the crowd to surprise me again sometime.

The world is not that big and the life is very long. I have lived to see the separation, I will see the reunion. And so my “Desire of Separation” is just another wish to rejuvenate the reunion. We will meet for sure, we will meet for sure.


At times I feel…

At times I feel she’s the one, but she never shows any sign

At times I feel she’ll open up, cuddling me to leave never

At times I feel she’ll never open up, will never force  to have what is her from forever

At times I feel she’s working on it to happen, enchanting my world with her spell

At times I feel her spells are to take her away from me, to tear me apart

At times I feel lets leave it up to her, let her be what and how she wants to be
Cause The truth is she’s mine, mine forever
She’ll come to me, to behold me in her embrace to be in my world, to be my world !!


पुराने सामान मे इक तस्वीर मिली थी
भोला सा चेहरा, प्यारी निगाहे
मासूम सी मुस्कान, और शरारती अदाये
कुछ पल उसे देखकर सुर्खरू सा हुआ  था

मा ने कहा ये तस्वीर है तेरी
है तेरे बचपन  कि निशानी

जानकर ये दो “अश्क” छलके “निगाहो”से
सोचता हु ये झिन्दगी हमे क्या से क्या बनाती है

कभी पढाई कि जद्दोजहत
कभी आशिकी मे रुलाती है
कभी ऑफिस कि टेन्शन
कभी यारो से मिलाती है

वक़्त के साथ सब यादे धुंदला सी गयी है आंखो से
बस वो धुंदली सी “तस्वीर” अब तक याद आती है…

कुछ जज़्बात अनकहे अनसुने

इरादों का आस्मां और उम्मीदों की ज़मीन है
जो तू है साथ तो ज़िंदगी कितनी हसीं है…….
पता नहीं क्यूं आज आँखों में नमी है
शायद गर तू नहीं तो खुशियों में भी कमी है…..
आज तेरी बहोत याद आई है सनम, यूँ जुदाई का ना ढाओ मुज़पे सितम…

एक ही क़ता बार बार नही करते
दिल दे के पछताये थे अब हम प्यार नही करते
तमाशा बना रखा है उल्फत को लोगोने
इसलिये मुहब्बत पे हम ऐतबार नही करते
पर कुछ तो हक़िक़त थी मेरी मुहब्बत मे झालीम
इसीलिये तेरे बेवफाई के किस्से सर-ए-बाजार नही करते

लझ्झत-ए-उल्फत है मौक़ुफ़ जुदाई मे
अब आ रहा है यारो हमको मझा तन्हाई मे
(मौक़ुफ़ = hidden)

आशीको को उल्फत अंधेरो से होती है
परवाना शमा को जलकर भी बुझा देता है

तेरे इश्क़ का खुमार ही तो है
गुस्सा ही सही तेरा अंदाज-ए-प्यार ही तो है
दौर-ए-फ़िराक़ से क्या शिकायत करे अश्क
जो मुद्दतो से है हमराह-ए-झिन्दगी
वो तेरे लौटने का इंतझार ही तो है..

बैठे है तन्हा किसी कि आस मे
कुछ भी नही यादो के अलावा पास मे
सोचते है क्या हुआ जो कोई नही पास हमारे
नाबिना भी तो जिता है तसव्वुर के सहारे
(नाबिना = blind person)

Do you believe in unseen relationship? How pure or honest do you think it could be? If you can’t meet your partner ever, you don’t know his/her gender age still you’ll carry it?
Relations are not meant for physical togetherness instead it is a bond between the hearts of two people by which they share happiness, sorrows and all other emotions. I feel this is what a relation is.
I really don’t know what this relation is called & even i don’t want to know as well…..
And without knowing who you r? where r you from? what do you do? how do you look? and many more such things I am in a relation with you. And more so ever i don’t want you to answer these questions as well…….
I am already in a relation with you; would you like to be in a relation with me in the same way???????


No man is dead, no man is alive
all are thieves, resting in a hive.

Some men are good, some men are bad
No one is happy, everyone is sad.
Why money has turned wise people mad?
Money has turned wise people mad,
Neither mother is ours nor we are of dad.

People changed completely…
People changed completely,
They are feeling sorrow in their neighbor’s glad.
No place for kind, cruel is the king,
A quarrel is going on & they are watching it by sitting in the wing……

(One of my several originals on selfishness in the society)


Labo par uske kabhi baddua nahi hoti,
Bas ek maa hai jo kabhi khafa nahi hoti,

Iss tarah mere gunaahon ko wo dho deti hai,
Maa bahut gusse mein hoti hai to ro deti hai,

Maine rote hue ponche the kisi din aansoo,
Muddaton maa ne nahi dhoya dupatta apna,

Abhi zinda hai maa meri mujhe kuch bhi nahi hoga,
Main jab ghar se nikalta hoon dua bhi saath chalti hai,

Jab bhi kashti meri sailaab mein aa jaati hai,
Maa dua karti hui khwaab mein aa jaati hai,

Ai andhere dekh le muh tera kaala ho gaya,
Maa ne aankhein khol di ghar mein ujaala ho gaya,

Meri khwaahish hai ki main phir se farishta ho jaun,
Maa se is tarah liptun ki bachcha ho jaun,

Maa ke aage yun kabhi khulkar nahi rona,
Jahan buniyaad ho itni nami achhi nahi hoti,

Lipat jaata hoon maa se aur mausi muskurati hai,
Main udru mein ghazal kehta hoon hindi muskrati hai…

Munawar Rana