Hyderabad Rape Case. An appeal to every person. Mission Justice for Sister Aabroo

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a citizen of India and for the first time I have dared to pen down my thoughts about the injustice in society.I was taught that I’d never walk a step in police station if I were wise but even if today I won’t open up, I think I never would.

Sir/Madam you must be aware of what has happened in Hyderabad ( if not please visit http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-09-18/hyderabad/42182444_1_cyber-city-canteen-director-general ). If you were unaware about it then its failure of liberty given to media which may have sold itself to politicians and barons for their own causes.

Just to revive your busy mind about the incident ( is it so? or is it a hideous inhuman crime?) I would like to specify few facts as told by the victim herself.

  • She was abducted from her college on 3rd April 2012.
  • She was continuously assaulted.
  • She was constantly raped.
  • She was moved from places to places(noteworthy thing is owners/neighbors knew about rape bondage but did nothing.)
  • Family of the accused knows it. For crying out loud father of the accused is an ex-army man, brother is an advocate and still they did nothing which would have suited to their profession. The most irritating fact is brother of accused also tried to molest her.
  • The girl had called from accused’s mobile and had given an active clue to trace her in around May 2012. The cops traced the number back to accused but inspector reverted by saying accused Satya Prakash Singh confessed it to be his mobile number but claimed it was lost few months back and refused any knowledge about the missing girl, so police simply let him off.
  • Mr. Amjedullah Khan(who accompanied the girl while lodging the complaint) alleged that police let off Satya Prakash Singh even after such a crucial lead because of the intervention of senior TDP politician son in whose college Satya Prakash was running the canteen.
  • The girl got pregnant and a lady doctor helped the accused by carrying out an illegal abortion.
  • Some Police officers took bribe and participated in her humiliation by groping her.

Sir/Madam there is one sister who was abducted, assaulted, humiliated and raped for 17 months, A daughter who was torn into pieces not only physically but also psychologically and there is a woman who was treated as an object by the sinner. I may have a sister, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, or just another fellow lady passenger who travels with me on the same route. I care for them and I want to see them safe when they leave from home and thus I expect few of my questions to be answered.

  • How it can happen that a person was confined for 17 months and nobody cared about the ordeal she might be going through?
  • Why nobody could find her?
  • Were the clues insufficient when she had called from abduction?
  • What about Inhuman flat owners/neighbours where she was kept as a hostage and they kept mum?
  • What about the involvement of college personnel?
  • A brief about the stained role of cops?
  • Why the news is not on TV?
  • Why still nobody knows?
  • What about investigation? Why the accused is in judicial custody and not in police custody where he can be given third degree to made him spit out the truth?

There are few thoughts you might be expecting from every sane human being in reply to every rape and molestation case as:

1. Time to rethink about capital punishment for such culprits. (Stoned to death in public place)
2. Tear apart the double faced media, who has not yet given on any tv news channels apart from few online papers that too after a facebook outrage.
3. According to the initial complaint policemen also helped the culprit. If cops are found guilty they should be given the same punishment.
4. The doctors who carry out such abortions should be banned and prosecuted equally.

To hide her identity we are calling her sister Aabroo / Sister Aabrooh. To know about her entire ordeal please visit https://ashknigahee.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/20-year-old-hyderabad-student-confined-raped-for-17-months-mission-justice-for-sister-aabroo/

An ordinary man alone is never heard, can you please send the same mail for showing your support to every police commissioner/ Chief Minister/ Women Commissions/ Governor?

Justice For Aabroo
Justice For Aabroo
Rally Hyderabad
Rally Hyderabad


कुछ जज़्बात अनकहे अनसुने

इरादों का आस्मां और उम्मीदों की ज़मीन है
जो तू है साथ तो ज़िंदगी कितनी हसीं है…….
पता नहीं क्यूं आज आँखों में नमी है
शायद गर तू नहीं तो खुशियों में भी कमी है…..
आज तेरी बहोत याद आई है सनम, यूँ जुदाई का ना ढाओ मुज़पे सितम…

एक ही क़ता बार बार नही करते
दिल दे के पछताये थे अब हम प्यार नही करते
तमाशा बना रखा है उल्फत को लोगोने
इसलिये मुहब्बत पे हम ऐतबार नही करते
पर कुछ तो हक़िक़त थी मेरी मुहब्बत मे झालीम
इसीलिये तेरे बेवफाई के किस्से सर-ए-बाजार नही करते

लझ्झत-ए-उल्फत है मौक़ुफ़ जुदाई मे
अब आ रहा है यारो हमको मझा तन्हाई मे
(मौक़ुफ़ = hidden)

आशीको को उल्फत अंधेरो से होती है
परवाना शमा को जलकर भी बुझा देता है

तेरे इश्क़ का खुमार ही तो है
गुस्सा ही सही तेरा अंदाज-ए-प्यार ही तो है
दौर-ए-फ़िराक़ से क्या शिकायत करे अश्क
जो मुद्दतो से है हमराह-ए-झिन्दगी
वो तेरे लौटने का इंतझार ही तो है..

बैठे है तन्हा किसी कि आस मे
कुछ भी नही यादो के अलावा पास मे
सोचते है क्या हुआ जो कोई नही पास हमारे
नाबिना भी तो जिता है तसव्वुर के सहारे
(नाबिना = blind person)

Do you believe in unseen relationship? How pure or honest do you think it could be? If you can’t meet your partner ever, you don’t know his/her gender age still you’ll carry it?
Relations are not meant for physical togetherness instead it is a bond between the hearts of two people by which they share happiness, sorrows and all other emotions. I feel this is what a relation is.
I really don’t know what this relation is called & even i don’t want to know as well…..
And without knowing who you r? where r you from? what do you do? how do you look? and many more such things I am in a relation with you. And more so ever i don’t want you to answer these questions as well…….
I am already in a relation with you; would you like to be in a relation with me in the same way???????


No man is dead, no man is alive
all are thieves, resting in a hive.

Some men are good, some men are bad
No one is happy, everyone is sad.
Why money has turned wise people mad?
Money has turned wise people mad,
Neither mother is ours nor we are of dad.

People changed completely…
People changed completely,
They are feeling sorrow in their neighbor’s glad.
No place for kind, cruel is the king,
A quarrel is going on & they are watching it by sitting in the wing……

(One of my several originals on selfishness in the society)