Nation’s Judgement Call.

It’s in every Facebook post
It’s on every twitter wall
Buckle up your lazy ass
Nation has made judgement call..

Country needs women and men
Glory will be ours then
It is fight for justice, humanity and pride
Truth is our only possible ride
Responsibility is mine and is of us all
Nation has made judgement call..

We fight against corruption, illiteracy and more
Let our voice become a lion roar
Religion can’t divide us nor the political boar
Voting is must and is prior than every chore
Don’t plan a movie in cinema hall
Nation has made judgement call..

We are independent since 47
but have not removed poverty even
Two meals a day is a dream for many
We still fight for every single penny
Why free hospitals so less but thousands of mall
Nation has made judgement call..

Bygone be the massacre, bygone be the conspiracies
Live in the present and think about human species
Don’t fall for Modi, Gandhi or Kejriwal
Think twice before you vote cause
It’s Nation’s judgement call..