The boy, The girl and The Love..

He is talkative, She speaks calculated words but with wisdom.

He’s a believer, she is a devout.

He loves cooking, she loves food.

He’s a nerd, she’s a manager..

She’s a homely girl, he avoids family interactions.

She’s enthusiast, he’s lazy.

She uses mobile for convenience, its his necessity.

He loves music, she turns a deaf ear.

He loves calling her sweet names, she loves her own name.

He floods her with compliments, she says she’s bad at accepting them..

But they both are Genuine. Trust each other. Like each other. Adore each other. Workaholics. Loyal with professions and honest with emotions.

His love is outspoken, she hides it behind the vail of friendship.

They’ve cultural differences. They’ve religious differences. They’ve their own likes and dislikes.

Too many differences so less similarities. As if they are the poles of magnet. So far still craving to be together.

May be the only couple (is it so?) where the things which are common are limited but they find every moment to joyous, make every moment blessed. Live every moment to the fullest as if it is their last breath.

Meet them, they are Indians. Where parents come before love. Society comes before happiness and religions come before togetherness.

Where love is not about being two people happy, its about how to pretend to be happy when entire world is against it..

Lets hope they accept each other, take efforts and convince their parents, set an example for communal harmony.

Time has changed and so has love. I pray their love gets succeeded cause True Lovers are rare to find these days…

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